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**Images are examples only and not the actual product**

Two 4.5 inch soft sugar cookies, decorated with royal icing.

Each set includes chocolate hearts or kisses.


Set Decriptions:

1."I Love U 2 Death" :  (Ghost face on a heart shaped cookie & a heart shaped cookie with red splatter and quote)

2. "Single AF" "Netflix, Wine, & Pjs" Cookies

3. "Life is Butter with You!" (Pancake & Butter Heart Shaped Cookies)

4. "You Have a Pizza My Heart" (Pizza themed cookies).

5. "You're Stinkin' Cute" (Cute Poop Emoji Cookies)

6. Military Spouse Convo Hearts (Silly quotes)

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Available for pickup & delivery on February 13th & 14th
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